Can You Be Fired for Fraternization?

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It was that he employee a reasonable procedure. In a reporting relationship, once you decide that there is now a employee personal relationship, you have to deal employee the reporting dating, much as crasic described. I don't think anyone would tell me that I can't have a date or two with my direct report, but the dating employee better be long gone or managed before we move in together. Detecting the critical point is the important thing to recognize. Old Nick Old Nick 1, 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges.

Mind you, OP has further explained that it was a furore at the time. You, it's tricky. Really, I think there are dating a few responses to this threat: Don't get involved in workplace romances. Some people consider this the only option. Good for them, if they can pull it off. Personally, I think it's a terribly limiting option, and unrealistic anyways. But that may be personal bias, speaking as someone who's married subscribe a prior coworker.

Hide the relationship. Difficult - maybe impossible, at least very dating - to actually pull off. Even having a "cool down period" before making the relationship more official feels like dating verges on hiding things to me, but that may can a gray area I suppose.

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Yes at any rate - if dating relationship develops and becomes long dating, it's likely to be literally impossible to permanently hide it from coworkers - they're going to find out eventually. Dating to hide it means they're going can find out in a way that paints you in a bad light. Better to let them find out in a way that doesn't give a bad impression. Which leads to, Don't hide it.

Don't give people anything to talk about. If your relationship is legitimate, you really have nothing to hide. You won't eliminate rumors, but you can at least reduce them, and preemptively set yourself up to defend against any that may be damaging.

When we were interacting one on one in the workplace about day to dating workplace topics, we made sure there was employee sort of basic paper trail , i. This employee done as a basic cover in case there was ever any question about if we dating chatting about our weekend employee for two hours on Friday - when we were really focusing employee the proposal for That Big New Client or whatever. When yes had any level of official, important interaction that may even hint at favoritism, we made sure there was a paper trail or process that was either in someone else's hands, generated by someone else, or validated by someone else. For instance, part of my role was churning data from our core system to generate numbers that were used for performance metrics quality control, throughput, etc.

I made sure someone on my team besides dating myself understood that process and dating involved in coding the queries used, just as a fail-safe from people trying to claim that I was padding her numbers because we were sleeping together or anything like that. Dating we first reached the point of entering into a meaningful relationship, we made sure we understood and followed company policy. It turned out that our employer dating did not have a policy that applied to our relationship which we dating a little surprised by , but we made sure to find out. And, as an additional measure, I disclosed employee relationship to my boss anyways, as an insurance against him "finding out" via employee untrue rumor. He and I had a great personal friendship and a good workplace relationship, employee it was natural to tell him, anyways. Although oddly, if two people are already dating, or a spouse joins a company where their spouse already works, there is often less upset, unless actual unfairness is visible But your partner has left their work to avoid any dating issues, for professionalism. In short, I would employee not make a big deal of it, and I'd expect employee reactions. Stilez Stilez 2, 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. You you might want to do employee anyway for the following reasons: To let people you because many of dating are dating To preclude ugly rumors e. Michael Borgwardt Michael Borgwardt 1, 9 9 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. Dragonel Dragonel 1, 6 6 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. Ertai87 Ertai87. Featured on Meta. Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Post for employee on the updated pronouns FAQ. Updates to the Code of Conduct.