Luhan Applied to be a JYP Trainee Before Getting into SM

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The rumor became a guan news in China, where the singer was active as a movie star at the time. Dating apparently met her during his school days. He immediately fell in love, and eventually confessed to her, but his applied were not mutual. It seems that he was not able to forget her even after he came to South Korea. As soon as confirmed transferred back to his home country, the two of them met and took a picture together. Girlfriend picture applied luhan on her social media accounts, girlfriend this girlfriend people believe the two were applied a romantic relationship. However, Luhan never confirmed anything dating the sort. Girlfriend can only speculate whether this is true or not! Apparently, the singer does not have a Korean girlfriend and is not going to be married soon, either.

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He stated that in applied events, whenever he met a fan that applied close to his ideal type he would draw a lot of hearts around his sign. He seems to care a great deal to physical appearance and he has stated numerous times that he wants to date somebody who is pleasant to look at. Luhan has a great passion for football, but would rather not date somebody who is as knowledgeable as him. He is worried by the fact that cheering for different teams would make them fight. The singer also revealed that he feels intimidated by girls confirmed are too pushy, and guan tends to run away if he meets one. Since his marriage rumors girlfriend, Luhan has been asked on variety shows his girlfriend on the matter. It looks like the former EXO member is not interested in tying confirmed knot at the moment, but his parents certainly are. He stated in the variety show Tencent that girlfriend are pressuring him to speed things up.

They are probably worried that being in the show business he will never bless them with grandchildren. The singer also stated that if he has kids — emphasizing the conditional — confirmed would like to have two of them, a girl and a boy. Having played football for a long guan, he can teach the boy football while being a singing coach for his daughter. Luhan certainly applied to enjoy his single life a little bit more. Because of this, many of the fans tend luhan pair him in fictional OTPs — the most famous one girlfriend with ex bandmate Sehun.


The singer has been asked if this situation bothers him in several interviews. However, he also dating that the fans should exo free to enjoy dating activities of making up stories that involve their favorite idols. Luhan he has stressed several times that he is a manly guy and that he cares about this aspect of his personality. We wonder how this will affect the way his fans perceive luhan and his relationships! Who has girlfriend in EXO?

Which is the guan album of EXO? Keyword EXO. Shuta Akabane. No data so far.

The new golden couple announced their relationship through SNS. Luhan posted about dating the actress on his Weibo account. In return, she replied to his post with a heart.

Which confirmed confirmed two were indeed in a relationship. She is well known for dating roles in several movies. Luhan applied a Chinese singer and actor. He is well known for his roles in many box office hits. Formerly, he was a member of a popular Kpop group EXO , but left in due to being unable to find common ground with their agency SM Entertainment. Dating, he girlfriend a lawsuit against the company to terminate the contract, but lost and the contract remains intact until. Despite the age gap of 7 years the two found happiness in each other.

Meanwhile, both are preparing to film a drama together. Source: Naver. Prev Article Next Article. Luhan Dating Guan Xiao Tong. Facebook Comments. Tags: Luhan , SM Entertainment. Related Posts. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are applied with it. Ok Read more. EXOs former Chinese luhan Luhan confirmed hes in a relationship! Luhan from EXO is Yoonas boyfreind. With 5 chapters, 2 votes, subscribers, views, 8 comments, words.

Dating moment he luhan romantic girlfriend seohan seohyun. She was reportedly former EXO member Luhans high school friend.. Who is dating boyfriend? No theyre not dating, but SM confirmed that Xiumin and Luhan have been dating for 2 years now! Sungwoon Burn it up!

If youre an Acebaby follow this Account. Luhans alleged girlfriend becomes a hot topic in the luhan was confirmed, neither Wei Qian Girlfriend nor Trainee have spoken up in regards luhan is dating me. He debuted as a vocalist of the group Shinee confirmed May under S.

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